Things to Do in Old San Juan

Wandering down the vibrant avenues of Old San Juan enjoying a strawberry popsicle is an experience nobody should miss. Old San Juan is rich in culture and history. Its neighborhood is so colorful and vibrant that visiting the city should be in everyone’s bucket list. 

There are lots of attractions in the area and it’s difficult to choose just one favorite thing to do in Old San Juan. Even so, here are some of the treats that you should try:  

  1. Visit Castillo El Morro

In 1983, Castillo San Felipe del Morro was designated as a World Heritage Site. Now, it attracts over 2 million tourists every year. When you visit, join a guided tour of the city so you will learn more about its history. 

  1. Walk the city streets 

Old San Juan is so colorful that it’s the city’s main charm. If you saw Old San Juan pictures and wondered if any aspect of this village was that beautiful, it is. The most perfect way to describe Old San Juan is a colorful burst of crayons. Spend the best part of each day in the streets of Old San Juan and allow those bright to perk you up. 

  1. Indulge in delicious food

Old San Juan food is not to be missed. Try mofongo and ceviche for the main dish and popsicles and fresh fruit for dessert. Of course, don’t leave without enjoying a shot of mojitos. There are a lot of restaurants serving these dishes. You’re sure to enjoy the day as you give in to all your cravings.  

  1. Sing and dance to the music 

Salsa music and dancing an important part of the culture of Old San Juan. Walk down the road nearest to the Old San Juan waters during weekends and holidays. You’ll find these streets bordered by performers, singers, and vendors. The nightlife in Old San Juan is one of the best, thanks to the live music venues offering salsa dancing up to the wee hours of the morning. 

  1. Visit Vieques Island

This isn’t technically in the area of Old San Juan, but Vieques Island offers the best day trip. From Old San Juan you can take either the plane or the ferry, which will take you there in 20 minutes and 75 minutes, respectively. If you want to spend the night at the beach, some hotels can accommodate you there. 

There are a lot of other things that you can enjoy and explore in Old San Juan. Let your thirst for travel and wanderlust take you to all those places. You can always rent a car to take you to the most exquisite parts of the city or you can simply walk around the city and explore all the good things that it has to offer on foot.  

Every place can give you a different fantastic experience. If you love to see more than what you are accustomed to, visit Old San Juan. It might just be another trip that you want to add to your collection of memories.